Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Valuation

In today's increasingly complex and highly regulated business environment, the accurate and complete valuation of intellectual property is essential. This primer, written by experts in the area, answers some of the most frequently asked questions about identifying the value of the primary types of intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets. It also looks at the primary, traditional, and not-so-traditional methods of valuing these assets and includes case studies and situations where valuation is required.

Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Valuation answers some of the most frequently asked questions about IP and valuation, including:

To clearly explain this complex topic, Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Valuation is organized into six parts:

Part I: Introduction to IP Valuation

Part II: Definitions and glossary.

Covers nomenclature, definitions, and grouping of intangible assets

Part III: Valuation methodologies.

Looks at traditional and less common valuation methods, and provides a glossary of financial terms

Part IV: Valuation of IP and other types of intangible assets.

Considers the topics of goodwill, trademarks and brands, patents, trade secret assets, Internet assets, copyrights and litigation damages, computer software, noncommercialized technology, among others

Part V: Valuation in different contexts.

Topics include licensing and licenses, business transactions, tax issues, charitable donation, litigation, bankruptcy, reorganization, and securitization

Part VI: Summary and conclusions, including review of key trends in both IP and valuation

The appendix material includes an extensive bibliography of articles, books and book chapters, and legal briefs cited, and a listing of organizations.

  • What is a piece of intellectual property, and what is an intangible asset?
  • When are they the same and when are they different?
  • What are the different groups of intellectual property and how are they described and valued?
  • Do pieces of intellectual property have value?
  • Do they all have value? If not, why not?
  • Is it true that sometimes a given piece of IP can have great value and at other times no value at all, and if so, how can this be?
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  • Pages: 272
  • Publication Date: January 2006
Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Valuation
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